Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sharks in the Waters

Sharks in the Waters
As the traditional publishing business goes down the toilet there are many unemployed or barely employed agents and editors who are scrambeling to stay alive. This has made the waters thick with easy prey. New writers swimmning right up to the sharks, lured by the preditors promise, the success of your brilliant manuscript. They only seek to fatten their wallets and care nothing about you, your success, or finances. Agents who are now editors and visa-versa and now a new bread of sharks, other writers. Chumming the waters on Craigs List looking for other writers they can suck money out of, promising perfect edits and dazzeling quesies, complete with encouragement on how great your writing is.
My education is far from complete but I have learnd something and I repeat it every day. I am not bait..I am not bait. I will not give money to the sharks...

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